Legal Services in Costa Rica

To protect your investment
hire Einar Villavicencio and Associates

To invest in Real Estate is for most of the people the biggest investment of their life. In the real estate business environment of Costa Rica there are different risks and sometimes sellers, realtors and even lawyers hide the truth and the problems that the properties may have. That is why you must hire an efficient honest and independent lawyer who does a complete search title and handles the transfer title protecting your investment.

In 12 years of practice with real estate law our clients have received a diligent service that has protected their investment thoroughly.

As a Real Estate Law firm we provide the following services:

- Title search and property inspection: encumbrances, mortgages, liens and annotations, municipal tax liabilities.
- Drawing, study and correction of purchase agreements and other real estates contracts.
- Escrow Services
- Loans, mortgages, mortgages bonds, easements access
- Segregations
- Recording of Property transfers at Costa Rican Property Registry
- Condominium Law
- Maritime Zoning Law: Drawing and recording of property purchase under Concessions law.
- Counseling in construction and developments
- Recording as taxpayer at Municipality property tax office



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