The Wedding Specialist in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a tropical paradise surrounded by the most exotic natural scenery, where you can enjoy your wedding with incomparable surroundings and privacy. For example, you will have a unique and special wedding, enjoying a beautiful sunset in a warm tropical white-sand beach with crystal clear waters, or in a nice private place near to a picturesque volcano. That is why Costa Rica has become the favorite wedding destination.

Einar Villavicencio and Associates is a Law Firm specialized on weddings for visitors traveling. Its professional bilingual staff of lawyers, paralegals and officiators provides an excellent service that includes the performance of the
ceremony with sensitive speeches and vows adapted to each couple in order to make your wedding an unique event. Besides handling the legal aspects of the marriage we also officiate vows renewal ceremonies as well as just simple ceremonies –without legal paperwork- for those couples who are already married and just want to have a symbolic ceremony.
We have associated lawyers and officiants who enable us to provide wedding services in other european languages (German, French, Italian, Portuguese)

Just Einar alone, the senior partner, has performed more than ONE THOUSAND WEDDINGS since 1995 through all the country in breathtaking natural environments of Costa Rica.



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