The Wedding Specialist in Costa Rica

The marriage in Costa Rica is easily recorded in the U.S.A. and Canada, and it is legal any place in the world.

Getting legally married in Costa Rica is very simple: As a law firm specializing in weddings for traveling visitors, we handle all the process of the legal documents. You do not have to apply for a marriage license or spend hours in tedious and bureaucratical process. You only have to send us some personal information and a clear copies of your passports. (PLEASE CONTACT US TO GET MORE INFORMATION)

On your wedding date, after the ceremony, we will give you a marriage statement. Therefore you would be able to submit this document to your Marriages Record Office and get your marriage filed in your Country once you get back home, without waiting for the registration process in Costa Rica to be concluded.

The registration process of a Civil Marriage in Costa Rica takes approximately three months after your wedding day. Then, we will mail you the definitive official marriage certificate issued by the Costa Rican Civil Registry Office (Governmental institution which records the marriages in Costa Rica), officially translated by us.

Our service is serious, effective, responsible, with one of the highest professional standards, but at the same time deeply human and personalized.



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